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VulR Boson 2.0

by DroneX - Discover the World of Drones

We have all the great benefits of the original VulR Boson and made newer and more efficient with the VulR Boson 2.0. You get a ground controller with the most desired features like tilt, change, palette, record, and zoom.  

 You have 8 new great features to control the fly;

 + Change color palettes

 + Tilt

 + Zoom

 + Record
 + Gain modes...

- Won't block any of the DJI Sensors (front, rear, AND downward)!
- Lightweight system
- VERY easy to remove and install: just snap on and off
- Runs on its own battery -> No need to mess with Mavic
- Great for flying even indoors
- A long 20 minutes of flight time on Mavic Pro & 13 Minutes on Mavic Air
- Dual Visions (DJI 4K and Thermal)
- Comes with its own Video Downlink for thermal video from FLIR Boson
- Built-in DVR for video recording

What’s included:

 -VuIR Boson 2.0 Air Unit

- Monitor-mount ground controller

- 1 Battery for Air unit and Charger

- 7-inch Black Pearl ground thermal video display

- High gain antenna for the display

- Dual monitor mount for Mavic 1/Mavic 2

- Carry case for the VuIR Boson 2.0 Air unit

 The Benefits:




The convenient thermal mount can be easily attached and removed. This is ideal for quick setup and breakdown and makes it small enough to fit in a book bag. This feature makes it perfect for any type of job from every day, person use to professional videography.


Tech Specs

The VulR battery duration is 25-30 minutes per charge. The mount system weight with everything including the camera is 90 grams, the flight time of Mavic loaded with VulR Boson and Boson camera is 20 minutes, and 13 + minutes for Mavic Air.


It has a built-in video downlink:

Frequencies 5.8 GHz

Power 600 MW

Video Range is about 1-2 Km line of sight.


Sensors are not obtruded

With our unique design, the Boson is mounted on top of Mavic 1, Mavic 2, or the side of Autel EVO and it will not affect any of the Sensors of GPS. This makes flying indoor or outdoor super easy. With no leg extensions needed, you are saving deploying and packing uptime.

Dual Vision

The VulR has its own thermal video monitor, so you will have access to dual vision, thermal and visible simultaneously. The HD visible live video gives you visible aid for flying and helps you make a better sense of the VulR thermal imaging in real-time. With the dual vision, you are greatly enhancing the efficiency of the inspection compared to when you only have the single, thermal vision.

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