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30 in. Mini Square FPV Racing Air Gate

by Premier Kites
These 30 in. Mini Gates are made of high-strength fiberglass rods and heavy duty fabric -- not plastic -- to withstand hit after hit. A great size for micro drones (prop diameters 2 - 3 in.), these arches and gates give pilots about a 75% larger opening target for an easier flight path as compared to our 17.5 in. Micro Gates. Excellent for novice micro pilots and/or large micro races. Excellent also for experienced pilots with small drones.

The arches and keyhole stands feature wide base runners for increased stability on hard surfaces. Should the fun move outdoors, the bases can be removed and the support rods can be inserted into the turf.

Please note, these gates are designed for micro quads in the 2 - 3 in. prop diameter category.

- Molded composite fittings for the base
- Thumbscrews on base to tighten on the frame
- Portable to take anywhere
Type - Mini gates (2 - 3 in. quads)
Color - Multi
Dimension - 35 in. x 41 in.
Fly Through Dimension - 30 in. x 30 in.
Frame - Hoop is 4mm fiberglass rod with metal ferrules, co
Fabric - Heavy-duty fade and prop resistant fabric

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