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10 in. Micro Slalom FPV Racing Air Gates with Poles (Set of 6)

by Premier Kites
Micro quad racing is the hottest thing going and if you're into it like we are, you'll want to be racing with the latest pro race gate system from Premier RC.

Just like their larger counterparts, these micro gates are made of high-strength fiberglass rods and heavy duty fabric --not plastic -- to withstand hit after hit.

Inspired by Tiny Whoop FPV racers, we made sure to follow simple rules to allow maximum pilot enjoyment: (1) We used quality materials so they'll last. (2) We designed them to be highly visible. (3) We gave them a professional, finished look. (4) We made them easy to set up.

Please note, these gates are designed for nano class quadrocopters in the under 2 in. prop diameter category.

Portable to take anywhere

*Flags do not come with bases, however, they can be easily attached to any suitable household object or they can use 3D printed bases.

Type - Micro gates (1 - 2 in. quads)
Color - Multi
Dimension - 10 in. x 2 in.
Frame - 3mm fiberglass
Fabric - 1.5oz nylon
Pole Height - 30 in.

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