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Drones are one of the most useful pieces of equipment for people whether for professional use or personal use. With its continuously growing popularity, there are now many available manufactured drones in the market. Indeed drones are a good investment, but the next wise thing that you should not forget to do after buying a drone is to get insurance for it. 


Reasons To  Get Drone Insurance 

There are many possible risks that could happen when using your drone. It could crash, get lost, or many other possible problems. It is true that getting insurance can be complicated and stressful, so it is important that you find a company like us that would make this whole process easy and hassle-free for you. But first, here are some of the important things that you need to know about drone insurance.

What is Skywatch Drone Insurance

Drones are classified as a type of aircraft, which means that any injuries or damages caused by the drone to a third party, either recreationally or commercially, will not be covered, which is why it is important to get drone insuranceespecially if you are using it commercially. Flying an insured drone is one of the first signs of a responsible and good drone pilot because mistakes or accidents can still happen no matter how careful and professional the pilot is. Keep in mind that you can never put a price on ensuring safety.

Types of Drone Insurance

There are 2 basic types that your drone insurance should cover: Drone Liability Insurance and Hull Coverage. The first one focuses on the insurance coverage from property damages and bodily injuries. The standard limit in this policy is around $1Million, but it still varies depending on your insurance firm and the possible risks involved. 

Hull Insurance 

On the other hand, coverage in Hull insurances is focused more on the protection of your drone and equipment. It could cover physical damages, theft, or loss of your drone. The limitation of the Hull insurance coverage also depends on the insured value of your equipment.


How Much Does Drone Insurance Cost?

The pricing for the insurance of your drone depends on the natural risks involved. Most of the time, as the drone insurance continues for years, the limit for the liability insurance decreases while the Hull insurance increases. That is because of the high frequency of people claiming Hull insurances because of loss during those times. 

Hourly, Monthly, Annually Drone Insurance  

In addition, it also depends on the time frame and limit of your insurance policy. It could be hourly, monthly, and annually. The standard rates are around $5/hour, $65/month, or $1000/year. With that, make sure to keep in mind the limit you need for liability insurance, how frequently will you use your drone, and whether you need to include Hull insurance coverage for your drone.


Most of the time, how you will use it is also a factor to consider when getting drone insurance. It could be personal drone insurance or commercial drone insurance. Of course, both are essential and useful as a safety measure to your drone and equipment, but it is really a must if you are using a drone commercially. Either way, do not forget to ask for a Certificate of Insurance (COI) that should be given to you by your chosen insurance firm so that you can prove that you have drone insurance.

Drone Insurance On-Demand

Your drone is valuable. Pick the best plan for you and modify it when you want. Fly worry-free with SkyWatch, and know your drone is in good hands. You insure your car, phone, house, and even wedding ring--do the smart thing and ensure your source of income.

With Skywatch you fan fly with peace of mind and flexible, affordable coverage. Choose an hourly, monthly, or yearly plan. You can base your coverage on how often you fly and customize your plan on the go. You can even earn discounts by flying safe and being accident free!

Do I need to insure my drone?

It depends on how you will use your drone whether for personal use or commercial use. If it is for personal use, then it is not your obligation to get insurance for your drone. Either way, accidents can still happen like damages, injuries, loss, theft, and so on. So it is useful to get drone insurance as a safety measure.

Are all of the US covered with Skywatch?

Yes, all of the Us is covered.

Does my policy cover physical damage to my drone?

Physical damages to your drone and equipment are only covered by the insurance if you added a Hull insurance extension to your policy.

See potential hazards before lift-off and in real-time.

Get drone insurance that suits your needs, whether you're flying commercially or just for fun.

And the best part?

The safer you fly - the less you'll pay