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  • Cleaning with DRY paper or microfiber cloths is simply NOT SAFE and can lead to unwanted scratches!
  • The Aurora product includes both Pre-Moistened (Wet) and Dry Ultra Soft 2-Ply Microfiber Cloths formulated to safely clean even the most expensive precision optics
  • We use thicker Two-Ply Ultra-Soft Microfiber instead of only Single-Ply like some
  • No Cleaning Liquid Bottles Required! Aurora Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Are Engineered For Safe and Hassle-Free Traveling
  • Removes Dirt, Dust, Oil, Makeup, Germs, and Much More From Phones, Tablets, Video Games, Laptops, Car Touchscreens, Cameras, Precision Optics, and all other Touch Screens