About Us

At DroneX, we offer high-quality drones and drone equipment so that you can create solutions to make your work easier or just have more fun flying your drone.  We are the leader in selling high performance, reliable, and super easy-to-use small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) - Drones, for both commercial and recreational use. Our dedication to making aerial photography and videography accessible to both professional photographers, cinematographers and even hobbyists anytime, anywhere is unrivaled.

Our aim is to put you above the ground, where dreams are born and time is lost and in doing so we are evolving quickly as drone technologies evolve also. DroneX stands in a position to offer these innovations to you so you can build your drones to compliment your vision. We work with small business owners who use their drones as promotional tools, and those who simply want to expand their mind by flying their drones to heights they couldn’t reach before.

Whether you need a new outdoor activity like flying drones but you’re not sure you can afford to get into it, or you’re a veteran drone flier looking for a better experience, we have the inventory and the experience flying them ourselves to get you what you’re looking for. At DroneX Drones, we offer you a definitive way to take flight without leaving the ground."