Flexible Gimbal Camera Flat Ribbon Cable for DJI Phantom

by DroneX - Discover the World of Drones
DJI Phantom 3 Vision+ OEM Gimbal Replacement Flex Ribbon Cable
Engineered 100% DJI compatible with extra heavy power traces for higher performance
High Quality, Tear Resistant Polyimide (PI) with immersion Gold Finger contacts
Same cable thickness as original DJI ribbon cable
Cable end stiffeners designed for easy insertion into PC board connectors for DIY installers
ALL our cables are 100% electronically tested

Soft Replacement Charging Port Connector Flex Cable
Providing video transmission and PTZ bus control

Color: Black
Size: approx. 135 x 108 x 1mm/5.3 x 4.3 x 0.04 inch

Package included:
1x Flex Ribbon Cable for DJI Phantom Standard 3S

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