The Complete Guide to Starting a Drone Business

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), like camera drones, continue to exponentially grow famous in the industry. Started as just simply “toys” for the rich people, drones are now starting to be considered a great investment for a company or an individual. With the continuous advancement of technology, you can expect that these drones will become even more useful for people as time goes by. Keep in mind that in order to fly a drone, you are required to attend a drone training school so don’t waste time anymore and enroll here!

According to an article by Business Insider, by 2025, drone services are projected to reach a staggering $63.6B market size, which was just around $4.4B as of 2018. That is a very good and positive sign for people who are planning to invest in drones for their business. So if you are one of those people, this article will guide you on how to start a drone business and all the essential steps to starting a drone business, from the basics up to the advanced!

Starting a Drone Photography Business

If ever you are planning to have a drone photography business, then you’re on the right track because it has one of the largest shares when it comes to the drone business market. There is a wide scope of different fields that are looking for aerial photography services for their own organization’s use. This is surely one of the best ideas when it comes to drone businesses.

Starting a Drone Video Business

Quite similar to drone photography, drone videography is also a famous type of business in the drone industry. While there are many film or video projects that require aerial shots, companies tend to rather invest in drone videography because they are cheaper and safer than using a helicopter, without sacrificing the quality of the film/video. This type of service is also common in special events that need a great audio-video presentation like wedding ceremonies, parties, and so on.

Starting a Drone Inspection Business

Another great idea when starting a drone business is to provide drone inspection services. It could be a commercial type of inspection service like inspection of bridges, pipelines, cellular and TV towers, wind turbines, and so on. Also, another type of inspection service is for residential houses which checks the structure and some parts of the house for possible damages.

How to Start a Drone Rental Business

If ever you are also interested in starting a drone rental business, then you are on the right track. With the rapid development and changes in our technology during this time, some people and companies would rather invest in renting drones when needed rather than buying one which will just get outdated as time goes by.

Starting a Commercial Drone Business

We hope that this guide to starting a commercial drone business provided you with all the essential ideas and steps on how you will start your first drone business. Make sure to remember all the important things that were mentioned here in this article. With that, the next step is to finalize your plan and take your first step to success!

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